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Hotwork Recuperative Burner (HRB)

Hotwork Recuperative Burner

With typical air preheats in excess of 1/3 of the furnace operating temperature, the Hotwork Recuperative Burner has the ability to recover energy by exhausting hot waste gases through its specially designed quarl and over an integral metallic heat exchanger which, in turn, preheats incoming combustion air. This heat recovery significantly reduces the amount of fuel required for the process and makes the HRB Burner ideal for applications where flue gas temperatures are high and load residence time at high temperature is long, such as forging and heat-treatment furnaces or batch-type furnaces.

  • Up to 50% fuel savings
  • Associated reductions in CO2 emission
  • Robust burner providing excellent heat transfer to the furnace load
  • No conventional flue needed, reducing furnace installation costs
  • Lower waste gas temperatures
  • Integral metallic recuperator
  • Extended flue option for maximum heat recovery
  • Medium velocity of 70m/s
  • Sizes from 30 kW to 900 kW
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, manufactured gas and light oil
  • Maximum turndown up to 10/1 on ratio on natural gas at furnace temperatures below 1200°C
  • Excess air level better than 500% on natural gas
  • Long flame burner design available
  • Furnace pressure controlled by a modulating eductor air jet mounted in burner flue
  • Ignition by premix pilot
  • UV flame detection available
  • Normal furnace operating temperatures up to 1250°C. Contact HCT for higher temperatures
  • Recuperator can be used separately: Hotwork Compact Recuperator (HCR)
  • Heat treatment
  • Forging
  • Strip lines
  • Ceramics kilns
  • Crucibles
  • Glass pots