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High Velocity Burner (HV)

High Velocity Burner

Initially developed by Hotwork Development Ltd in 1962 to dry and preheat the refractory linings of glass melting furnaces, the High Velocity Burner has been well proven in the most arduous of conditions such as forging, aluminium melting, kilns, incineration and generally large applications which are suitable for its long flame path. The HV burner is a robust and extremely stable burner with high excess air capability which can deliver combustion gas velocities in excess of 150 m/s. This results in rapid and uniform heat circulation inside a furnace as well as improved and controlled heat transfer to the load.

  • Rapid and uniform heat distribution
  • Robust burner with high turndown and excess air capability
  • Controlled firing pattern through choice of outlet
  • Fuel savings with hot air version
  • Velocities in excess of 150 m/s
  • Sizes from 300 kW to 9000 kW
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, manufactured gas and light oil
  • Dual fuel option available
  • Over 10/1 turndown on ratio on natural gas
  • High turndown inlet option for up to 5000% excess air on natural gas
  • Choice of outlet: standard refractory quarl or metallic cone: straight, cranked, T-shaped, Y-shaped
  • Ignition by direct spark or premix pilot
  • UV flame detection
  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1600°C
  • Flame detection by single UV cell
  • Hot air version available for preheat temperatures up to 600°C
  • Heat treatment
  • Forging
  • Reheating
  • Ladle heating
  • Tundish heating
  • Torpedo heating
  • Scrap preheating
  • Stress relieving
  • Crucibles
  • Aluminium melting
  • Thermal fluid heaters
  • Thermal oxidisers
  • Refractory drying units
  • Glass tank heating
  • Air heating
  • Process heating
  • Ceramic kilns