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Flat Flame Burner (FFB)

Flat Flame Burner

The Flat Flame Burner has a flared refractory outlet which produces a disc-shaped flame which “sticks” to the refractory wall or roof, thus creating a source of radiant heat. It is used in applications where no forward velocity can be tolerated. Typically these are kilns where the flame cannot be allowed to impinge on the ware, or large reheating furnaces, where they are installed in the roof to ensure good temperature uniformity by providing additional heat in the middle of the furnace. FFB Burners are also used for reheating glass sheets prior to bending.

  • Uniform heat radiation over a wide area
  • No hot spot in front of the burner outlet
  • Robust burner
  • Fuel savings with hot air version
  • Sizes from 150 kW to 750 kW
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, manufactured gas and light oil
  • Over 10/1 turndown on ratio and 1500% excess air on natural gas
  • Ignition by direct spark or premix pilot
  • UV flame detection
  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1350°C
  • Hot air version available for preheat temperature up to 550°C
  • Steel reheating
  • Ceramics kilns
  • Process heating
  • Glass sheet bending