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E-Jet Ultra Low Nox Hot/Cold Air Burner (EJ_HA/CA)

E-Jet Ultra Low Nox Hot/Cold Air Burner

Following its initial and very successful application to regenerative burners, the E-JET technology has been adapted to the less arduous, but nevertheless demanding, environments of hot and cold air firing. Continuous and reliable operation using high temperature regenerative preheated air on a variety of thermal process plants such as steel reheat and heat treatment furnaces and aluminium melting furnaces has proven its suitability for constant firing and pulse firing applications.

  • Compliance with all international Nox legislation
  • Rapid and uniform heat distribution
  • Robust refractory burner with high turndown and high excess air capabilities
  • Stable at all temperatures
  • Fuel savings with hot air version
  • Internally Induced Fuel Dilution System (Patented Technology)
  • Integral flue gas recirculation for enhanced temperature uniformity
  • Staged combustion
  • Flameless combustion
  • Discharge velocities provided to suit process requirements
  • Reduced noise operation compared with high velocity burners
  • Sizes from 150 kW to 9000 kW
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, coke oven gas, fuel oils and dual fuel
  • Over 10/1 turndown on ratio on natural gas
  • Ignition by premix interrupted or permanent pilot
  • UV flame detection
  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1500°C
  • Hot air version available for preheat temperatures up to 600°C
  • Heat treatment
  • Forging
  • Reheating
  • Ladle heating
  • Tundish heating
  • Torpedo heating
  • Stress relieving
  • Aluminium melting
  • Refractory drying units
  • Air heating
  • Process heating
  • Ceramic kilns