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Hotwork CT Burners

GDIncorporated is the exclusive North American distributor for Hotwork Combustion Technology. Hotwork CT burners are designed for high performance, energy efficiency and environmental compliance. For nearly 50 years Hotwork has been a world leading pioneer in the development and application of combustion technology for industrial processes using furnaces, kilns, incinerators, ovens and process heaters. Using Hotwork CT burners, you can expect:

  • Higher productivity
  • Fuel savings and process improvements
  • Safety and reliability in operation
  • Increased plant availability
  • Low emissions

Products & Applications Overview

Thermal Process & Combustion Technology for the Aluminum Industry


A market leader in thermal process engineering solutions, Clinotherm were the first to develop and patent edge stacked ceramic fiber veneer modules called Clinoblocks. Clinoblocks are cemented to dense refractory and provide reduced heat loss and thermal shock. Clinotherm has continued to develop refractory products that combine high thermal efficiency, standard and custom shapes, that provide exceptional adaptability, reduced down time for repairs, and reduction of build time for new installations.

With ever increasing fuel prices, the increased efficiency provided by Clinotherm refractory solutions can enable significant cost savings.

  • Clinoblocks - Ceramic Fiber Veneer Modules
  • Refractory & Insulating Products
  • Anchorblocks - Anchored Modules
  • Clinotherm Panel System - Factory Lined Modular Panels
  • Refractory Coatings & Adhesives
  • Fiber Products
  • Alucote™ - Fiber Gunning System

Fiber Products

Clinotherm Products

Wide range of solutions, seals, lids, modules, fixings and veneers

Cold Rolled and Annealing (Stainless) Continuous Strip Line

Clinotherm high alumina modules installation

Installation of high alumina modules to roof and target wall(after 3½ years). Installation of high alumina modules to burner wall replacing ceramic fiber and dense refractory tile surrounds.