Specializing in Combustion Services

to the Steel and Aluminum Industries

About GDIncorporated

GDI specializes in the provision of combustion services to the iron, steel, and aluminum manufacturing sectors. We provide efficient, environmentally friendly burners, complete combustion systems, and the best in combustion burner technology and support.

In addition to selling burners and burner products to new and continuing clients, GDI provides burner services, repair, and support to clients who, over the last 20 years, purchased burner systems from Engineered Combustion Systems Inc., Zedtec Combustion Inc., or G. Dickinson & Associates (GDA).

We are the exclusive North American distributor of Hotwork Combustion Technology of Dewsbury, United Kingdom. With over 50 years of history, Hotwork CT is the world leading pioneer in the development and application of combustion technology for industrial processes. Their burners have the ability to provide users with 25-55% fuel savings.

GDI is also proud to announce that we are now distributors for Clinotherm Ltd., a United Kingdom company, specializing in furnace insulation design and refractory construction.